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It’s so great to see here fam Time is rare,


This week we dropped the second piece in the Memes by Blouny collection by 0xbartender which is a contribute to the meme card 67 by VVD.eth in 6529 collection. you can see the airdrop info and mint details >here<

Now let’s take a review on the global crypto market: In this week The whole market didn’t change so much since last week that we can see from our 4 favourite charts below;

BTC/USDT opened at $26917 and closed at $26747 (-0.63%)

ETH/USDT opened at $1800 and closed at $1805 (+0.23%)

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 00.74% (~$8b)

And the TVL in DeFi fell 00.40% (~$170m)

After the crypto here are the top 7 projects based on volume trade on the OpenseaPro AKA Gem!


This week in the memes ecosystem we experienced a unique event; The artist of the card 100 was a scammer since 21 with ~$1m rugged Ethereum. but because of changing his Twitter handle for several times in past 2 years, he could deceive the 6529 team to be a meme card artist, but thanks to zachXBT, someone recognized him an hour before the mint but team were too busy to check the Discord and Twitter so mint went live and sold out in minutes, and after that holders found out about the real identity of artist and were not happy. about an hour after mint punk6529 came and saw the evidence, reached to artist then came back to discord and said he couldn’t give any reasonable evidence to ignore the situation, so announced it on Twitter and asked others to block the account and at first steps decided to replace the metadata with a 6529er piece. >Here’s is full thread<

Take a quick look at the card’s info;

Meme Card #98- Degen Alfie – The Inception

Meme Card #99- Mike Hirshon – Too Big to Sail

Meme Card #100- metadata is going to change

you can check the Week4-Szn3 of the memes, meme lab and rememes on the RegularDad’s Deca gallery >here<

Notable project:

VeeCon 2023, the second annual superconference organized by GaryVee and the VeeFriends community, was a remarkable event that brought together leaders in web3, business, and popular culture. Held in Indianapolis, the conference featured over 200 speakers and panelists, showcasing projects like Art Blocks, NFTNow, RugRadio, Deadfelaz, World of Women and the list goes on. Attendees experienced three days of insightful discussions, immersive activations, and captivating entertainment, leaving with a renewed sense of inspiration and a network of valuable connections. VeeCon 2023 exemplified the convergence of NFTs and community-building, emphasizing the exciting possibilities in the rapidly evolving web3 landscape.

Notable face of this week (In Our Opinion)

ZachXBT, a pseudonymous web3.0 detective using on-chain analysis to expose the scammers or VC/influencers with bad behavior in the space, Zach has been trying to keep the space safe like no one. He’s helped the investigations in many cases like a $2.5m hack case from the BAYC NFTs which he helped lead french authorities to arrest the scammer. As we said this week Zach had a bright role in doxxing the scammer in 6529 memes collection by publishing a thread about their scam in 21 and keeping the thread updated every time they changed their Twitter Handle. If you are in web3.0 space you definitely need to follow ZachXBT to keep yourself secure.


BMW and Meta announced their collaboration on briging AR/VR experience to the roads, while driving solo or in the passenger seats. After watching them developing Oculus in many steps it’s good to see them introducing it’s usecases in daily routine life.

>You can read the full announcement here<


In the past weeks, we talked about the seed idea of nouns, punk4156, gremplin, and their onchain art mechanism this week, we are going to find out about their tokenomics and governance. Nouns govern Nouns DAO; this means each nouns has 1 vote to help the DAO decide on the treasury by choosing the best projects and ideas to fund/collaborate. Also they can delegate their voting power to other wallets if want to. The nouns Tokenomic goes this way: 1 nouns goes for a 24-hour auction every day, and each auction starts just if someone pays the gas and settles the auction.

You can see the today’s nouns, details of its auction, and their treasury (28,270 ETH) which is calculating onchain from etherscan. As we said there were 10 identities behind initiating Nouns that are called as “Nounders”. They have a share in the Nouns tokenomics and it’s in this way: Every 10th Noun will go to their multi-signature to be shared among them for the first 5 years of Nouns DAO. So the whole proceeds of daily auctions go to the nounsDAO treasury and nouns can decide for it by submitting their proposals which needs 2 nouns. Also for taking the chance of +51% attack to the nouns treasury to zero, there is a veto mechanism as a temporary solution.

Now let’s dive into the beauty of art;

On May 20, we witnessed the glory of fidenzas; Fidenza 725 recently was transferred from 3AC to Sotheby’s to go auctioned. Fidenza is a collection of 999 generative art pieces created by Tylor Hobbs and powered by the Art Blocks engine, they have 7 different scales, and the small scale is the rarest with 14 members, and 725 is one of them, which sold for $1,016,000m.

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