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let’s take a review on the global crypto market:

let’s take a review on the global crypto market: We are still experiencing a very cold NFT winter but don,t forget that this is a part of an organic cycle and it’s super normal. $hitcoins settled down a bit so the gas fee came back at 30-40 gwei from the 150-200 gwei that we experienced in past weeks.

now let’s take a look at our 4 favourite charts;

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell 04.62% (~$52.817B)

BTC/USDT moved from $28430 to $26917 (-05.32%)

ETH/USDT moved from $1873 to $1800 (-03.89%)

And the TVL in DeFi fell 05.83% (~$2.647B)

After the crypto here are the top 7 projects based on volume trade on the OpenseaPro AKA Gem!

Let’s start with MEMES:

The 4th week of season 3 finished last week with 3 amazing pieces which the first one was card 95 that delayed in minting for the high gas fees and went live on Monday instead Friday. take a quick look at the cards info;

Meme card #95- Andreas Preis – Survival Mode

Meme card #96- Matt Doogue – Meme Colony

Meme card#97- Billy Dinh – While You Sleep

you can check the Week4-Szn3 of the memes, meme lab and rememes on the RegularDad’s Deca gallery

Notable project:

As this week’s Notable Project in the world of NFTs, Pudgy Penguins have made a significant impact by raising over $9 million in seed funding. The adorable penguin-themed project has quickly gained popularity due to its fun and engaging concept and its ability to build a strong community on social media platforms like Instagram with ~500k followers. Despite the recent downturn in the NFT market, Pudgy Penguins has been able to raise a significant amount of capital and shows no signs of slowing down. Investors and enthusiasts alike are excited to see what’s next for this unique and promising project

Notable face of this week


face of the week: ACK (Alpha Centuari Kid) An American glitch artist, mostly known for his glitch style in the themes of crypto & death with his uniqe sense of humor. ACK is has some great names in his colaboration history like XCOPY, seerlight, proof, punk6529 and etc. This week he made the 1/1s great again by his newest collection entitled “The Broken Keys” which contains 48 amazing 1/1. The whole collection sold via a 24h auction for each piece, started at March 10 and ended up next day with an eye catching number; the whole collection made 731 ETH (~$1.3m at the time) which is a great record in this cold bear market. you can see the beauty of these stunning pieces in his official website:


Oncyber is building the bear in a wild way. after they added the custom avatars and the capability to build a space (like what they did for the NOT NYC event) now, they have announced the real time space updates; The ability to add stuffs like candles, flowers, and music in real time. make sure to tell us your experience in using oncyber spaces and its tools.

At the end let’s dive into the art :

This week, art enthusiasts were abuzz with news of the sale of Grant Yun’s “Abstract Composition” at Christie’s auction. The painting, which boasted a unique and striking style, was auctioned on May 10, 2023, as part of Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale in New York. The artwork received a lot of attention due to its artistic merit, and it was finally sold to a private collector for $80,000. The sale is a testament to the growing appreciation for contemporary art and the increasing demand for rare and unique pieces in the market.

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