welcome to the Blouny Mag #02-SZN 2


The whole space has been kind of quite so it’s so great to see

you here Time is rare,so LET’S FUCKING GO!!

Before the usual titles we have a BIG announcement:

Last week at 4/20 we launched our first collection “The Memes By Blouny” which you can find our manifest and vision on this project via the thread below and we’d like to encourage you to share your opinion on this

and here is the distribution and manifold page for our genesis token:

mint price 0.0069 ETH supply 420 / ending: April 28 (Which one come first)

Now Let’s Go for the market review We saw a little break down on the global market cap chart after the US Congress introduced bill to restructure the SEC and fire Chairman Gary Gensler. Bitcoin is standing at the 11th place on the chart of “Top Assets By Market Cap” Here is a quick recap on the week’s on-chain data:

BTC/USDT moved from $30304 to $27590 (-08.96%)

ETH/USDT moved from $2120 to $1862 (-12.18%)

The Total Crypto Market Cap fell from ~$1,235T to $1,129T (-09.23%)

And the TVL in DeFi had a break down from $53,339T to $47,076T (-11.89%)

After the crypto here are the top 7 projects based on volume trade on the OpenseaPro AKA Gem!


last week in memes ecosystem we had the first drops of the season 3

Deekay Motion – gm everyone

Ryan Koopmans – Forge The Memes

Made by Megan – Embracing Change

You can check the week 1 – szn 3 (Apr.23) of the memes, meme lab and rememes on the RegularDad’s Deca gallery via the link below

Notable project:


Nakamigos is our choice for this week because of their announcement and absolutely the Beeple’s Nakamigos part 2 drawing. at tuesday 4/19 the official Nkamigos twitter page published a short announcement about their plans for later this year in that pissed off some holders and we observed a break down and on the otherside there are some other hodler who started defending their strategy of being unclear. The original announcement tweet.

Notable face of this week

Introducing Ryan Koopmans, our notable artist of the week! A Canadian-Dutch artist interested in the built environment and the societies shaped by it. He also has published a book “‘Vantage” which showcases surreal structures in megacities and urban landscapes. With features in WIRED, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and more. Koopmans’ latest project “The Wild Within”, created in collaboration with Alice Wexell, digitally revives abandoned Soviet-era buildings. The project is a surreal collision between the past and future, physical and digital worlds, and a commentary on the cycle of growth and decay. Koopmans’ innovative vision reminds us that beauty can be found in unexpected places, and art has the power to bring new life to even the most desolate of spaces.

Make sure to check out his twitter linked here ->


NFT NYC finished and there were so many great faces that couldn’t make it to be there, but this is the Digital renaissance and we can do so much more than before this age. Oncyber had an event named “NOT NYC”. The event was hosted by AOTN gallery with some big names like recherd, Clair Silver, C3nAax DCinvestor, Bharat and many more. so many great artworks were showcased and much fun was explored during the event. There happened so many cool events in the different panels; -Oncyber workshop -Identity x NFTs -AOTM artshow 1&2 -Manifold workshop -Creators x NFTs -AI x NFTs -Gaming x NFTs 3.5k total attendees from 100+ countries showed up which was a great record for them.

Now let’s dive into the beauty of art; This week’s chosen artwork belongs to the dear Connor Sinclair which his signature style of drawing people’s faces with one line reminds us the fact “we are all connected”. This 1/1 piece minted in celebration of 4/20 and the $pepe trend in space entitled “420 pepe”.

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