welcome to the Blouny Mag #01-SZN 2


If you are still here we are so bullish on YOU

Time is rare,so LET’S FUCKING GO!!


In the past week bears went on a vacation and bulls ruled the whole market with a green weekly candle on the global market cap chart and BTC came back to the top 10 assets based on market cap.

Here is a quick recap on the week’s on-chain data:

The Total Crypto Market Cap rose from ~$1,140T to $1,243T (+08.9%)

BTC/USDT went from ~$28,300 to $30,288 (+07.0%)

ETH/USDT moved from ~$1,860 to $2,119 (+14.00%)

And as one of the most important elements we had the TVL in DeFi

rising from ~$48,50B to $53,37B (+10.00%)


after the crypto here are the top 7 projects based on volume trade on the OpenseaPro AKA Gem!

Let’s start with MEMES:

last week in memes ecosystem there was 2 great events hosting by rememes community to celebrate the Awakening period and starting the season 3. And we had an amazing announcement; the first meme card in the new season is by the legendary DeekayMotion. you can check the week 10 (Apr.26) of the memes, meme lab and rememes on the RegularDad’s Deca gallery via the link below


Notable project:

Deca had a HUGE upgrade on their platform last week; Everyone with a
minted NFT has an Artist Profile. It is now very easy for collectors to
explore between all the pieces that an artist have minted and collect
them through the Deca with a mirrored-live data from almost all the
major marketplaces. I think the Deca + Manifold are going to make the
next level of decentralization in web3.0 platforms. (full post about
Deca new update here)

Notable face of this week (In Our Opinion)

Every edition of the Blouny mag contains a Web3.0 face of the week to introduce new artists or someone who just did something crazy during the week. This week it belongs to @Naimepakniyat. a great pixel artist and animator who’s been in the NFTs since the mid 2021 and last week during the NFT NYC we saw her artwork named “Rendezvous” was showcased at the Time’s sq. This piece has been minted on Super Rare share contract on Oct. 2022. Also lately she had dropped a card in Complaints Cards collection which was in a completely different style comparing to her 1/1s. this was her second contribute in the memes and rememes that shows she knows how to meme it in a banger way!!!  Also lately she had dropped a meme in “The Complaint Cards (not) by 6529” collection


Everything was normal in all the metaverse platforms, except Oncyber. they introduced the custom avatars that is a one of a kind feature between the top metaverses like The SandBox and Decentraland. since the last Friday everyone can add their custom avatars to their oncyber profile and enjoy their digital identities. DOPE ASF!!

and at the end let’s take a look at our chosen piece to show you for this week: Floor; a live dynamic NFT by the @0xdgb that shows the floors peices of three collections LIVE. Make sure to check his twitter.

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